My Journey

Nicola’s story is one of astonishing resilience, generosity and empowerment of not just herself but all the women around her because where there’s an empowered woman, there is magic.

From the very first moment, 6-year-old Nicola Le Lievre saw a perfectly polished Estée Lauder woman proudly donning her signature red lip, she knew she’d found her people.

From her elegance, attention to detail to unwavering passion little did that Estée Lauder woman know, she was crafting the idea of a future entrepreneur that would change the game. 

Fast forward to today and Nicola is proudly surpassing 25 years in the professional beauty industry and has crafted her passion into becoming a multi-award-winning force to be reckoned with. 

After a decade of travelling the globe working on cruise ships, Nicola and her fiancé returned to her home country of South Africa before their lives were changed forever. Held up at gunpoint, Nicola recounts the harrowing day that saw her turn tragedy into triumph.

“It took something so awful and so disappointing but changed my life because that is what brought us to Australia” – Nicola Le Lievre.

A fresh start for both of them, Nicola and her now-husband moved to Australia and never looked back. With her feet firmly cemented into the Australian Beauty Industry, Nicola purchased intherapy, a Red Hill salon that she has transformed into global award winners. 

Encompassing love and respect for the environment, skin and the people around them, ethical beauty is etched into the intherapy ethos. Nicola’s commitment to ethical beauty has seen intherapy become Queensland’s leading sustainable salon, a Share The Dignity partner, RSPCA champion and Hummingbird House volunteers.

Whilst bold red lipstick might be her signature, there’s one more thing Nicola can’t leave the house without – her crown. To Nicola, crowns aren’t made of diamonds; they are made of discipline, determination and courage. An advocate for ensuring all the women in her life wear their crown with pride, Nicola has found success outside of intherapy as an award-winning entrepreneur, philanthropist, author and speaker. 

To Nicola, giving back to her community is non-negotiable and she knew that the next chapter she was embarking on was going to be part of her legacy. Founded in 2019, Nicola launched Tender Loving Beauties, an initiative that provides much-needed pampering to women in need. 

Together with beauty therapists across Brisbane, Nicola and her Tender Loving Beauties volunteers visit Hummingbird House to provide parents and carers of critically ill children a moment of utter self-care and undivided attention. In 2022 and beyond, Nicola is on a mission to inspire beauty therapists across Australia to join her community and share their magic hands with those in need across the nation. 

An Australian Mumpreneur award-winner in 2020, Nicola’s latest chapter sees her putting pen to paper ahead of the launch of her very first book. Crafted for the woman that’s ready to unleash their full potential, Back Yourself is the essential guide for women who are serious about creating the business they’ve been dreaming of. Sharing her tried and tested advice for celebrating community over competition, Nicola shares the life-changing power of what can happen when you learn how to back yourself. 

With red lipstick shining and her crown firmly fixed, Nicola Le Lievre is just getting started. 

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