2021 Inaugural Salvos Sleepout

I am so honoured to be part of this event held in Oct. We raised $26,218 for
women experiencing homelessness.

The event was very well organised and safe.  Giving up my bed for the night
and the comforts of home,  made me think how grateful I am. We often do not
stop and make time to appreciate the basics like clean running water, a roof
over our head and clean clothes. Sleeping in a car park put in perspective
some of the things homeless experience, such as rain, noise and insects. The
reality is it could happen to anyone in an unfortunate circumstance such as
loss of income, separation or abuse. Next time you see a homeless person,
instead of judging them think that it could potentially be the only choice
they have right now.

Generous donations and fundraising support enable The Salvation Army to
continue to expand its work around Queensland. All funds raised at the 2021
Salvos Sleepout will support our homelessness and family violence homes,
refuges and support centres and allow us to provide services to more women
experiencing homelessness.

I am looking forward to supporting this event next year.

If you know anyone who might need support, contact

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