Whilst bold red lipstick might be her signature, there’s one more thing Nicola can’t leave the house without – her crown.

To Nicola, crowns aren’t made of diamonds; they are made of discipline, determination and courage. An advocate for ensuring all the women in her life wear their crown with pride, Nicola has transformed her passion into a global award-winning entrepreneur, philanthropist, author and speaker.

As seen in:

Julie Piantadosi

“Captivating an audience and keeping them motivated is no easy feat and Nicola has an amazing way of captivating her audience leaving them hanging onto every word. It’s easy to see why women aspire to be like her. She is an amazing speaker who leaves an imprint on every single person who hears her presenting … Highly recommended!” 

Total Coaching Academy

Angela Sanchez

“Creating a strong and powerful brand presence through her community and taking every obstacle as an opportunity for her to become a better businesswoman. Nicola brightens the room with her gorgeous smile and red lips and speaks with confidence and authenticity.

Not only is Nicola an inspiring leader for the beauty industry, but she also empowers everyone with the belief of real queens fix each other’s crowns, her willingness to learn and be of support to others, and always so driven to reach her goals…. I believe has been a huge part of Nicola’s success.”

Beauty Business Co

Peace Mitchell

“Nicola is a dynamic leader, a creative thinker and infuses everything she does with passion and enthusiasm. She is deeply committed to helping women feel confident about themselves and has dedicated her life to this work.” 

The Women’s Business School

Karen Mc Dermott

“Nicola is an absolute professional joy to work with. She has an amazing skill of connecting right to the core source of those she works with and delivers above and beyond in everything she does. Nicola is one of those wonderful people who lightens a load and makes every day brighter. I highly recommend working with Nicola when you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to.”

Serenity Press

I inspire woman to conquer their fears and find their courage to be the best version of themselves.

– Nicola Le Lievre